NetSuite Integration - Finance Business

Working with sales and financial data can be complex, but companies that use NetSuite and Salesforce can access the best tools for managing business finances. If they are using NetSuite and Salesforce independently, they are still settling for second best – that’s why we want to highlight five reasons why NetSuite integration with Salesforce maximizes business finances.

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1. Quick Installation

In business, time is money – it’s important to get up and running with integration apps as soon as possible. Businesses that are interested in NetSuite integration with Salesforce should know that it is easier to set up and configure than off-platform solutions.

Boomi advertises that they can connect anything to NetSuite within days. Workato says that they can integrate apps in three steps. Breadwinner states that customers can start creating and viewing NetSuite records from Salesforce within an hour.

2. Easy Access to Data

One of the challenges for businesses using Salesforce and NetSuite independently is that staff needs to bounce back and forth between applications. This means that data between the two systems can be competing, and it is sometimes difficult to connect the dots when
data is stored separately.

NetSuite integration with Salesforce makes accessing data easy. Most integrations sync data between the two systems, ensuring that the data is accurate and reflects their most up-to-date business finance information.

3. Options for Customization

When it comes to financial software, it is not uncommon for businesses to want features or functionality that are not natively available with the app. Businesses that integrate NetSuite and Salesforce, however, have more flexibility.

Many integration partners offer options for customization – Celigo offers custom data integration flows, Workato allows customizable triggers and actions. Breadwinner offers the ability to generate NetSuite items from custom objects in Salesforce and provides expert guidance for customization.

4. Save Time on ERP systems

Businesses leveraging a NetSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning) system can save time with Salesforce integration. When they create new NetSuite records, they are not only added to the ERP but are immediately available in Salesforce as well.

5. Get Support for a Variety of Finance Scenarios

Every business is unique, which means they can also face different challenges with managing financial data. Integration partners understand this, and they typically offer exceptional support. Jitterbit, for example, has staff that is trained to support integrations for complex projects. In addition, partners like Breadwinner include support for their integration packages at no extra cost.

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