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Geek Buzz

Geeks who solve your web design problems!

  • Creation of websites and web applications

  • Webdesign and PSD assembly in (X) HTML

  • Multimedia presentations and Flash animations

  • Search engine positioning (SEO)

  • Professional ePub creation

websites and web applications

“Buzz De Geek” is the name of the individual company with which I have been operating for several years in the field of web services.

I create websites and web applications , both for my direct customers and on behalf of web agencies or IT companies that entrust me with assignments as an external collaborator .

All my activities are limited in the field of web services : I am therefore involved in web programming (development in the most well-known server and client side languages ), web design andpositioning in search engines . I am often referred to as not very correct freelance webmaster .

Applications for Facebook and Twitter and for major sites that offer APIs and documentation for developers, such as e.g. Google Maps , PayPal etc.

freelance webmaster

The definition of freelance webmaster is not very correct,
but it is the one with which I can more briefly describe my job.

I’m mostly a web developer . In some cases I also deal with web design and SEO (search engine positioning) .

However, since the Internet requires an increasingly sectoral specialization, I personally prefer to focus on development and programming . For this purpose I often collaborate with other professionals (illustrators, web designers, SEO and SEM consultants) thanks to which I can still offer complete services.

Through teleworkI offer external collaboration to web agencies , graphic studios , IT companies throughout Italy .


This section is certainly useful for companies that do not yet know me and who intend to evaluate my professional figure for the possible assignment of an assignment .

In short. Mine is a humanistic education ( Classical High School Diploma and Bachelor of Arts ), but I have always cultivated a strong passion for computer science: a sector in which I have been working full-time for over ten years .
As a web developer I am completely self-taught and I always keep up to date on news related to web programmingwith manuals and specialized magazines. For more details on my skills, refer to the links below.

INTERNET SITES AND WEB APPLICATIONS REALIZATIONI create “tailored” websites and web applications starting from specific customer requests. I therefore develop web applications of any type and with very high customization using the main programming languages ​​and the most popular web technologies.SERVICES FOR THE MOST KNOWN CMS OPEN SOURCEI deal with the installation, configuration, customization (or if you prefer customization) of the best known Open Source CMS: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop.
I create graphic themes and develop plugins and components on specific requests.WEB DESIGN AND LAYOUT ASSEMBLY IN (X) HTMLOccasionally I also deal directly with web design . When, however, I consider it appropriate, I entrust the graphic design to trusted professionals.

I deal with the assembly of graphic themes provided by other web designers in (X) HTML. The files must be provided in the most common standards: PSD, AI, Png etc.MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS AND FLASH ANIMATIONSDevelopment for many years in ActionScript for Flash . With this technology I develop presentations , total flash sites , advanced applications (RIA) , online games etc.

Development also in Lingo for Director : I create multimedia CD Roms , applications for kiosks and CD-Cards .CONSULTING AND EXTERNAL COLLABORATIONMy professional profile is aimed in particular at three types of companies:

1. IT companies and web agencies which, being unable to cope with their workforce against temporary work overloads, must resort to external resources ;

2. Advertising agencies, publishing houses or graphic studios wishing to add the creation of websites and multimedia CD-ROMs among their services but who, given the need of the commissions, do not consider it appropriate to expand their staff with experts in the sector;

3. Companies or entities wishing to entrust the management of their website or intranet to a professional who is occasionally present at the headquarters to perform the necessary updates or who, while collaborating externally, is able to maintain direct and constant contacts with the Company.POSITIONING IN SEARCH ENGINESI offer SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) services. I take care of the optimization of the code, the texts, the indexing and the positioning of the websites in the major search engines. However, I only offer this service for sites I have created, and not for sites made by third parties. Also for this activity I am forced to consider a small number of customers.PROFESSIONAL EPUB REALIZATIONI create ePub by hand respecting the standards foreseen by the IDPF , therefore working directly on the source code and not with conversion software.

I answer the phone from Monday to Friday : in
the morning from 9.00 to 13.00, in the afternoon from 15.00 to 18.00.
Otherwise, leave a message at the answering machine: you will be contacted as soon as possible.
tel. 06 916 500 027 | mobs. 328 70 65 612
Do not issue quotes on the phone (use the appropriate form ).
NEVER contact me for urgent work!
I don’t work on sites or applications made by others.